Julio trades

So obviously Julio had a great game tonight as was expected (or hoped for)…

BUT I have been offered a couple trades for Julio. Neither of them seem particularly stellar for me. I should not that I have been sort of struggling at RB. I have Mark Ingram who has been GREAT the last two weeks. But then I have Demarco Murray who has been breaking my heart. I also have A. Ellington who is currently hurt and potentially overshadowed by AP. And then I have J Stew :frowning: Ok so the trade offers:
Basically is two RB’s and some bench players:

J. Mckinnon OR
Lamar Miller

With 2 of the following:
Jordan Mathews
D’onta Foreman
J.J. Nelson

I am in a full pt PPR with 14 teams and trading has been a nightmare. I know in years past this would be an obvious NO but Julio just hasnt been dazzling me this year and I need to really change course for the rest of the season.

My other WR’s are:


I guess what I am asking is “Should I gamble on Mckinnon?” and I feel like this is a NO. But maybe you guys see something I don’t

There’s only a few players in fantasy that are absolute difference makers on your team, players that give you an edge on your opponent. I came up with my own term for these players (yes, it’s a stupid term, but I like it) and I call them gold players. Gold players are players like Zeke, Lev Bell, Gronk, Antonio Brown, AJG, etc. (Bear with me through the stupid term I came up with).

Julio is a gold player in my opinion, and I never trade gold players unless I’m getting one in return OR I absolutely need the depth (desperate times only). I will gladly overpay to add another gold player to my team, and I take almost no risk when trading them away.

Alright so to wrap it up (sorry for the long answer) I would definitely not take that trade. Dont trade away Julio unless you’re getting a Zeke or Lev Bell in return. You’ll leave yourself weak at WR and you lose so much value on your team. You have an RB1 in Ingram and a TOP teir WR (remember, all WRs are inconsistent) in Julio. Take some shots on the WW to try to find a solid RB2 OR trade away non gold players to get an RB2. Best of luck man. Sorry for writing a freaking essay haha.

Thanks for the thorough response. I was sort of coming to the same conclusion as I was writing the post last night but I needed to call in foot clan reinforcements. I’m gonna keep Julio. Thanks!

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You’d be trading your best receiver for (at best) Jordan Mathews. I wouldn’t do it.