Julio vs Adams - half PPR dynasty

Julio or Adams - who do you take in dynasty? Does Adams make the leap? Or will he be a one-hit wonder like Cobb?

I am in discussions with the Adams owner to acquire him, and he wants Julio in return. Should I pursue a trade and get younger at WR?

Initial talks are

Receive: Adams, Kyle Rudolph, Mason Rudolph
Trade away: Julio, OJ Howard

I have Big Ben on my roster, so Mason Rudolph could be useful.

I would personally make that deal. Love Julio - even think he could have a good year. But if you can get younger at the position, with the WR1 in an Aaron Rogers offense - I’d do it.

While it is tough, i don’t think that deal is too bad actually. Love Julio too and he is the better overall receiver but Adams will get his 10+ TDs and if he breaks 1000 yards which i think he will easily now and gets 15-20 more receptions plus being younger he’s the guy to own.

Also unless Julio’s TD’s go up week to week Adams will help you in more games over the season than Julio will regardless of points totals at the end. Adams was solid last year even without Rodgers, Julio killed you in a lot of games. I’m taking the youth and consistency side of this. Plus the Rudolph’s will be useful now and maybe in the future respectively

@fun4willis @James89 I can always trust your guys’ reliable opinion. Thanks guys. I’m also a Packers fan, so I’d love to own Adams. I’m just making sure my fandom isn’t tainting my ability to assess trades

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I’m actually writing up an article right now why this is the time to trade Julio. His name alone will get you value, but we are starting to see him disappear throughout the season. Trade him now while he still holds the value.


I would add that you should trade Julio now while the market is open. All owners could use a Julio type, whether rebuilding or contending. As opposed to someone like McCoy where you are limited to only those buyers who consider themselves a contender. No one conducting a sensible rebuild would be interested. It’s always better to sell when you have the possibility of more trade partners. And in this case, getting Adams back is possible. When selling McCoy to a contender, they are not shipping back a blue chip player. It’s likely a draft pick.

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@fun4willis but if you could gain multiple draft picks, it may workout for you, if you are rebuilding. I took over a team in a dynasty league last year and traded David Johnson away for 3-1st rounders, it was helpful for me since I had holes everywhere.

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I’m not saying that trading a player for picks is bad or not a worthwhile way to rebuild. In fact the opposite it’s a great way to rebuild.

I’m suggesting your limiting your possible trading partners by waiting. Let’s say there are only two real contenders and neither of them want a Julio or McCoy. Then your stuck with them in that league or trading for pennies on the dollar.


That I can definitely agree with, now is definitely the time to trade, I honestly think this year is the time to trade Julio. Do I think he will suck this year, no. but do I think he will start to lose value, yes. He has already dropped out of the 1st round in redraft leagues, he is no longer that top pick that people want on their team.

@AresgodFF @fun4willis trade accepted and executed. I definitely needed to get younger at WR there, with Tate as my WR2. Davis is the wildcard here because if he leaps into WR1 territory, my core would look much better.


Solid trade man puts you in a good spot now and the next few years for sure

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@James89 @fun4willis @AresgodFF @Hauss60 @JLamoreaux39

Footclan assemble! I may have just gotten another offer I can’t refuse here. Thoughts?

Gurley, Davis

For Hunt, Michael Thomas, Mack (or Kerryon), 2019 1st (or 2019 3rd if I choose Kerryon)

Hmm i had some offers for Zeke recently the best one to put this in perspective was Cook, Michel, Kupp and my counter of Cook and Thomas very nearly got him to pull the trigger.

If you’re giving up one of the top 5 RBs Thomas is a good start but i’m ignoring the pick here because looking ahead will you likely get anyone close to Gurley in the 2019 rookie draft - most likely no and now your RB1 will be Mixon, that doesn’t feel so good at all compared to having Gurley. I think at the least you want Thomas for sure, I’d want Kerryon as an unproven upside rookie and a 2019 2nd at minimum for just Gurley, if you add Davis i want either the 2019 1st or does he have any RB2’s with upside you can ask for to go with just Thomas?

If he’s interested in giving you MT, Kerryon and a 1st or 2nd for either just Gurley or the with Davis before i pull the trigger and if i recall you would have some serious draft capital yes? I’m finding an owner with 2 RBs like you an elite one and a mid-level RB2 with some upside and i’m seeing if i can get one agreed for just picks and get both the offers sent to me so i can trade concurrently, at least this way you get two stud WR1s with MT and Adams and you get another decent RB in their with Mixon in case he struggles and Michel is a weekly boom/bust player?

If that makes sense lol?

So your team would be:
RB - Hunt Mixon Michel Kerryon/Mack etc
WR - Adams Thomas Tate Shepard etc
and if you take Mack you’ll have an extra 2019 1st -if you take Kerryon you’ll have an extra 2019 3rd
If i’m understanding right???
That seems like a pretty decent team, but lacking that elite tier of players. I have Hunt, M Thomas and Adams all in my tier 2 whereas Gurley is def Tier 1 but that roster definitely could get it done… If Hunt doesn’t regress too much. I don’t hate it (it’s great value) and i couldn’t fault you for taking it but you’re definitely losing the best player in that trade.

@danielkrieg08 correct. I would add Hunt, MT and Kerryon, as well as an extra 3rd. I know I wouldn’t have a stud, but I have 3 guys in Hunt, MT and Adams that could leap into that discussion. I value depth, especially in dynasty… so that may be why I really like the trade

@James89 very good points. Not sure if you saw this though… I would also receive Kareem Hunt… In addition to Michael Thomas and Kerryon!

Ah in that case take the deal with the third and Kerryon that’s about right for me for losing Gurley

It’s not a bad trade at all, especially if Hunt, as @danielkrieg08 said, doesn’t regress to much, you still have two RBs along with Mixon that could end up as RB1s. Plus adding Michael Thomas to your team is adding both youth and consistency. Kerryon or Mack adds both upside and depth to your team as well.

I wouldn’t blame fault you for not taking the deal, but I couldn’t fault you for accepting it either, I would almost be willing to pull the trigger myself.