Julio vs Boyd and Woods, which side wins?

Question in title!

I really think it depends on depth. I look at Boyd and Woods as the same type of possession receiver that will catch passes but won’t see huge yardage games. Julio on the other hand is dominant all around but he has been boom or bust lately. If you don’t need the depth I would lean towards Julio but if you are need of players I’d say the other

My WRs are Godwin, Lockett, Boyd, and Woods.
If I were to accept the trade, my WR core would then be Julio, Godwin, and Lockett

Tbh this should be easy but idk. I would check on some articles about Julio and the Falcons offense to make sure he’s still getting looks and see if the air yards are still there. I mean there’s a reason he was a first round pick but he hasn’t lived up to it on a weekly basis this far