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Julio vs Zeke!


Half pt ppr. Should it happen or should it not? Okay, heres the trade!

Julio Jones


Ezekiel Elliot
Jamison Crowder

Thoughts? Fair or Not Fair?


Hard to say because we still don’t know what’s going to happen. If it’s still a 6 game suspension I’d rather have Jones. But if it gets reduced or stuck in the courts for the whole season, the Zeke side wins hands down. The offer likely won’t be on the table when news of Zeke’s fate breaks, so roll the dice.

Edit: A decision is expected this afternoon. So if you could have an offer on the table, ready to hit the accept button and watch the news like a hawk, you could save yourself a dice roll.


Wow! Thanks for the help.

I am the one offering the trade (me: Julio for them: zeke, crowder) so, unfortunately, I don’t have the accept button haha. It is a dynasty leagur though, and I have McFadden.