Julion Jones Trade

I just made this trade that I feel was real good for me. I give up Pierre Garcon and Randall Cobb and I get back Julio Jones. Do you guys think I did good on this trade and are there anyother moves I should make?
Here’s my roster:
QB: Kirk Cousins
RB: Zeke, Mckinnon, Morris, Mcfadden, Ajayi,
WR: Hill, Garcon, Cobb, Agholor, Jeffery, Pryor
I have trade pending where I get Diggs and I give up Jeffery and Pryor ( I was going cut Pryor but he wouldn’t do Diggs for Jeffery straight up)
Would love some thoughts on this and thanks in advance.

Nice Job on the WR upgrade. Love it. As for the rest of your team you need some RB consistency. You have the Cowboy circus and Ajayi. I’m not Digging (ehhhhh) the Diggs trade.

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Yeah I just needed some roster change and I’ve been disappointed in Pryor, plus I’m a Vikings fan so I guess that had something to do with it, also nice pun. What are some running backs should I be targeting, should I target an RB1 or maybe a couple RB2s. Thanks for the quick response.