Jump ship on D. Freeman for Kelce?

Give: Devonta Freeman

Get: Travis Kelce

I have the RB depth: DJ, Howard, Thompson and Coleman. Current TE is J. Graham.
Week 1 looked like more of the same from Sark. Should I take the chance to get off the wild ride that is the Atl offence while retaining Coleman?

No no no, I don’t like that trade at all for you

i dont mind getting rid of freeman with your depth but id want something of value. last year id be ok with this but kelce isnt getting many looks this year in this high powered offense and i dont think its worth giving up an rb2 type player for a TE at this moment. if anything i’d try to come back with coleman cause this guy sounds like hes scared after the last game and wants to get rid of him after a tilt.