Jumping on the rate my draft train

New to the forums and this is a blast - just had my PPR 12 man draft - 2RB, 2WR, 2Flex Drafting from the 3rd

  1. David Johnson
  2. Odell Beckham
  3. Adam Thielen
  4. Royce Freeman
  5. Alex Collins
  6. Tevin Coleman
  7. Marvin Jones
  8. Jamaal Williams
  9. Duke Johnson
  10. Peyton Barber
  11. Matthew Stafford
  12. Kenny Golladay
  13. Ben Watson
  14. Pats Defense

You might’ve gotten the steal of the year with OBJ 21st overall. Collins in the 5th is a solid value as well. I like it a lot, good job.

Overall, I’d say you did a decent job on the draft but can I get an invite to your league next year? How the hell does OBJ fall that far. That is absolutely absurd.

I don’t love collins but getting him in the 5th is fine.

One thing I hate here is you stacked Stafford with Golladay and marvin jones. Not sure why you would want that. I wouldn’t even want to stack marvin jones with stafford. Considering Jones and Kenny Golladay are literally the same guys fighting for the same style of targets, you don’t really want to stack here.

Overall, I think you have great balance and excellent depth at RB. As injuries come, your RBs wil lall become great trading commodities.

Last point, why draft a defense? I never draft DST or K. Take a flier on another high risk RB in case a start goes down due to injury. And the pats D too. Gross.

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That’s a good reminder on the Lions WRs - to be honest, I was just looking for potential with Golladay in the last few rounds. I’m going to correct this error by making a bid on Kelvin Benjamin (whom I don’t love but who is available and is a tier above). Good call.

Also, dropped the defense and put a bid on Mark Ingram who was dropped by a team that autodrafted. Once again, Good call.

With regards to OBJ, There were a few Kansas City homers that drafted Hill and Hunt way early and some people that saw Rodgers go and freaked out on the QBs.

Jesus. You’re league is a mess. Easy money. How does Ingram make it to waiver. If I saw Ingram on my waiver, I would use 100% of my faab budget on it lol.

Also, to be clear, I’m not saying you have to waive Golladay, could probably trade him later if you wanted.

Although dropping him for Benjamin isn’t the worst.

Rodgers went in the 2nd round? good mother of god.

Benjamin is going to be getting work - if I need a WR, I’d rather have him than Golladay. Also, yeah. I’m a Packers fan and I didn’t even consider him there. There are only 2 Footclan in the league and we are WELL set up. I gave them all the info a month ago so they could get on the same page, but most of them went back to their old ways.

Thats crazy.

I agree Benjamin is better and faster path to production than Golladay. I’d rather roster benjamin too.