Just a Humble Brag and Thank You... Wouldn't be possible without all your help FootClan

This is just a Humble Brag and a huge THANK YOU to everyone in the FootClan…

I started this season 0-4 and felt out of it… All the advice I have gotten over the past few months with Start/Sits and Trades I have recovered to a record of 7-4 and now possibly sit in 2nd place after this week… I couldn’t have done this without all your guidance and advice ladies and Gents, Thank you so much FootClan… I love the community we have here and you all rock…

Here’s my Humble Brag and a screen shot of the week I just had… I feel real good about my chances for that Chicken Dinner…


I feel the same way about the community and here is my screenshot sitting at 7-4 after this week and taking down the 2nd place guy. My roster production doesn’t look as well rounded as yours though lol.



Im 7-4 too !!!


Same here OP. Started out 0-3 now just did this to the league leader to move to 6-5/nearly close out playoff birth. Thanks for all the sound advice!


Moving to 7-4 on the season with my highest score of the year after 3 bad beats in a row. First ever auction league. Couldn’t have done it without the Footclan. :ok_hand::ok_hand:

EDIT: Definitely seeing the trend here. Jones is looking like a league winner.


For the people not doing as great as you guys-sigh- me…still love this community.

Congrats to everyone marching to that footclan title!


What is your situation, record, roster etc?

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Love this feeling. Started 0-5 in one league (thanks Bell) but made waiver moves to pick up A. Jones, Kittle, Kerryon (got dropped somehow) Lindsay and Sutton. Now at 6-5 on the bubble to make playoffs.


Ha- well I’m 4-6…I made so many moves that my team is finally moving along. I just got in the play off picture last week but might be out this week again. Playing the best team this week and I need Mahomes and Kareem hunt to take a nap. Also need Brandin Cook to go off.

Roster is:
Big ben
David Johnson
Jordan Howard
Aaron Jones
Nick Chubb
Keenan Allen
Brandin Cooks
Kenny G
Doug Baldwin
John Brown(peace out dude- you’re cut)
Trey Burton
Streaming Defense but I’m grabbing NO and sticking with them

Luckily, some of the other teams have the same record I have and are on a losing spiral. I might lose this week but if I win next week I might get in again.

Thanks for asking!

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I love that I’m seeing alot of Lindsay, Hilton, A.Jones on these rosters. I’m betting to see alot of them on league winning teams this year as stated above.

Corey Davis and Golden Tate as my team’s WR2/3 need to go. Can’t trust them lol.


Congrats. I have had 193 and 215 two of the three previous weeks but not this week. Looks like I am going to take the L and drop from 1st place alone to tied with two others teams and leading on pts.

I love seeing Jones and Lindsay on all these rosters lol…

My only wish is that Jason could’ve experienced this come back joy with us :rofl: :rofl: #TooSoonNotTooSoon

Love this forum and community


I did own Lindsay earlier during the year- traded him for Brandin Cooks when my best WR was Marvin Jones.


Didnt post my team but I have Aaron league winner jones too.


Well done man. Lindsay and Aaron Jones. You built a solid squad.

I have to say the same too! I was brand new to fantasy football this year (I’d played once before but never took it seriously so I dont count it).

And with the help of everyone here, I am sitting at 2nd place and on my way to beating 1st place this week with Jared Goff / Josh Reynolds getting me a handful more points hopefully!!


Strong team, I pray that OJ’s ankle is okay to go come Playoffs

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I hear ya buddy, cuz looks like otherwise I’m gonna have to possibly depend on RSJ, Jesse James or Jonnu. Ain’t liking the odds here!!! :roll_eyes:

Already got this week, and will be sitting at 7-4. BUT…

I’m considering grabbing Everett from the Rams, great offense and hope he falls in the end zone