Just a mess of RB2s

Hey guys,

So, i know many of you were affected the way i was after the Kareem Hunt news. Not 2 weeks ago i traded Lindsey, josh G, and Lockette for him, essentially cashing in to get an RB1 stud for playoffs.

I got him the week of his bye week so i never even got to see him take the field for me.

But saves your tears for me for later. Now my issue is i have a shmorgusborge of RB2’s that can completely boom or bust as my RB1, RB2, and potentially flex in the playoffs from here on out… fell to the 4th seed after majority of my squad putting up duds this week.

Help me set them, you guys know the drill, one loss and your out from here on out. I definately believe i still have a chance, it is just MUCH slimmer than it was pre-hunt-news.

So need to fill both my RB slots, as well as my flex from this crew: FULL PPR

Sony Michele, Kenyan Drake, Dion Lewis, Josh Adams, Spencer Ware, Damien Williams (had to get the cuff to my cuff since waivers are so thin…) and also have Courtland Sutton that could fill the flex role.

CURRENTLY, i have Michele and Ware in, with Adams flexed. Rolled that this past week and was rewarded with 11 (Ware) 7 (Michele) and 8 (Adams)…so you can see why i don’t feel great about it.

Bumping for some views!

not as much activity now that its playoff szn.

Doesn’t mean imma give up!

I like what you got w/ Ware, Michel, and Adams.
Maybe Drake over Adams…
Adams has a safer floor, Drake the higher ceiling, tough call w/ those two.

Good Luck!!


bumping cuz the need for playoff advice is real

Resorting to tagging people due to the lack of activity that the end of the regular season brings.

@Caveman45 @psychosem17 @MikeMeUpp there’s plenty more of regulars i see surfing these forums, but you three are the first that come to mind lol

Is this question for this week? If so, please reply for me with matchups and home/away for each. Also, ppr or standard? Also, standard format of RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2, TE, Flex?

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Apologies, yes for this week.

12 team full PPR: 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, Flex.

Rest of lineup is set ( QB: Cam, WR1: OBJ, WR2: Hopkins, TE: Cook, D: NE )

Michel away @ Miami
Ware Home against Balt
Adams away @ Dallas
Drake Home against NE
Lewis Home against Jax
Sutton away @ SF

I would do Michel, Adams and Drake. Ware had about as great of a matchup as you could expect and did not come close to expectations. I dont see him turning it around against a stronger defense.


As long as Michel is healthy, he is your RB1. RB2 is a tough choice. I’ll give you my pros/cons for each:

Ware: probably your safest floor and most likely to score a TD. However he isn’t likely to be used in the passing game and we aren’t sure how much timeshare he is in store for.

Adams: 20 touches last week but little yardage and rushing TD went to Sproles. Not a single pass thrown his way last week. Dallas D just as tough as Washington d and it’s at Dallas, who all but shut down one of the best offenses in the NFL just a week ago.

Drake: Boom/Bust but has been mostly boom recently. Getting solid usage on the ground and through the air. Dynamic play maker that can take any touch however many yards to the EZ. Decent defense but should be playing from behind, which i think is a favorable game script for him.

Lewis: arguably emerging in that offense but would have a tough time trusting him vs Jax run D. Can’t see him breaking a long one with the skill/speed in the Jax secondary. Still a nice player and used run and pass.

Sutton: He is my flex here. Nice week last week and sure, some may consider it chasing points. But I like a young WR with obvious home run threat emerging for a seasoned QB. SF is a nice matchup as i think they will also score, so the game script shouldn’t get flipped to were they pound the ground to run out the clock.

Gun to head, choose?

RB1 Michel
RB2 Drake
Flex Sutton


BTW the experts would play Michel and Ware:

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Appreciate the insight man, it being playoff szn makes advice/second opinions all the more valuable.

I agree that Michel is essentially my RB1 ROS. Pre-Burkhead i would have been alright with this, but him being back just makes me nervous. That and being next to irrelavant in the passing game makes me think that he’s a more “TD or bust” kind of guy these days.

I LOVE…to hate kenyan drake. I picked him off waivers last season when he began his run, and it was thanks in part to him that i made it to the finals.

I drafted him intending him to be my RB1/2 (went WR heavy in draft) and i’ve manage to play him on all his bust days, and watched in sadness as he sat on my bench on his boom days.

My fear with starting him at RB2 is that my 2 RB’s (michel and Drake) will be playing each other head to head, and if Miami starts to play catchup he may fade to irrelevancy.

Adams has a tough matchup in Dallas, but you gotta love the volume. Like you said though, Dallas just shut down one of the best offenses and Phillys offense isn’t that great to begin with, so he’s joining my bench.

Lewis…well…i think it’s just better to stay away from TN players in general.

That brings me to Ware… like one of the above posters said, he had a dream matchup this past week and would have completely busted if not for the TD he managed to get. A much tougher matchup coming up with Baltimore makes me very nervous that he’ll be held in check.

That’s why the only argument for his height in the rankings is the fact that he’s on such a prolific offense…

So Michel and Sutton are in, looks like it comes down to Ware and Drake for RB2…

Yes, proper deduction. Michel is their 1st round jewel of a RB. If i had him, i’d have him activated, especially against Mia, somehow. As i mentioned, i believe Mia coming from behind plays well into Drake’s positive game script. They’ll checkdown to him if forced to pass a lot and any given checkdown can go to the house.

Ware is your floor and Drake your ceiling.

If you’re projecting even or to win, play Ware. If you’re projected to lose, play your ceiling (Drake) player.

Michel, Adams, Drake for me! Given the matchups. As a Drake owner, I’ve actually been very accurate predicting his boom/bust games. I feel like he’s got a safe 14 points this week, with potential for 20+ if Tannehill can keep the game competitive

Give us your formula for predicting his success/failure.

side-note, Drake got a whopping 2 points the last time they played the Pats this year

Yeah, so, E Sanders our for season. Flex=Sutton ROS

Michel + Drake would be the 2 that I play. That’s purely based on history. NE typically struggles vs miami at home for some reason so there should be scoring opps for Drake who has scored in his last 3 outtings i believe.

Ware vs Baltimore isn’t that appealing. Williams honestly did more with his touches. Lewis vs Jax is a fade. Adams would’ve been my next choice but Dal D @ home is usually pretty solid, despite the one showing against the Titans.

And with Sanders out, you’d have to think Sutton should get more targets so he could be a decent flex play.

We’re on the same page entirely Mike.

Honestly, I’m a Dolphins fan, so I watch their games closer than most. However, the 1 game I did play Drake this year, and missed the call was the game against the Patriots. And for what it’s worth, I’m benching him this week. But it’s in favor of DJ, KJ (if he plays) and Aaron Jones.