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Just a mess of RB2s


What are the indicators you look for in a matchup though?


honestly, the main thing I look at is just a gut Feeling on him. I’ve had guys before that my gut feeling was wrong more than it was right some years, and years like this where I get it right most of the time. Like Cooper before he got to Dallas, metrics and tendencies didn’t always make sense


I think the fact that you being right some years and wrong others indicates that “gut feeling” is purely luck.

Also, anyone that follows metrics would’ve told you that Cooper is still great, before getting to Dallas. Just needed to see targets and volume which is why he is now successful. The metrics actually do make sense there so not sure if that supports what you’re saying. Cooper was consistently one of the top separators in the NFL even in Oakland. Carr just never threw his way. Once he got volume, he’s bound to produce.

Having said that, I wish I had your gut feelings for this year. I can’t predict Drake worth a crap. I will say I feel good about this game. I faded him in the pats game in gillette cause they were going to get blown out. But Patriots historically struggle when playing @ miami which is why this matchup feels better to me. But I don’t have gut feelings on this one. I am just trying to make the best possible guess I can.


I value consistency of players and there are few players as or more inconsistent as Kenyan Drake. His volume is just too low.

If you’re not in desperate need of upside I’d leave him on the bench.


Which of his other options are more consistent with near his ceiling?


I offered a trade for Cooper in every league I’m in the minute he was traded, because of that exact reason. But there were no indicators (at least that I saw) for the games Carr would throw his way. That’s why I compared him to drake as a “guy call”. I will say, the games I typically feel good about Drake are games I believe they’ll be competitive. That being said, he’s had great games in blowouts, and bad games in nail-biters.

It’s absolutely luck when you go with gut calls. But when you’re hot, roll with what got you there!


Hey fam. So my opponent played DERRICK FRICKIN HENRY last night, 47 point game…

So i need to swing for the fences across the board :sweat:


Drake is your ceiling.