Just another Zeke question

Here’s my situation, I’m currently 7-1 in a full PPR with Bell, Hunt, Ajayi, and picked up DMC and Morris last week off waivers at RB and I have M. Thomas, Baldwin, Hill, and D. Thomas at WR.

League mate offered Zeke for D. Thomas and Ajayi (Both I don’t really want to start anymore). Is this trade worth the risk having the handcuffs and my position, or not really worth it?

I’d do that trade

I would do it, but another suggestion in like 2 weeks you could get Zeke for close to nothing if the other member is needing a win in order to make the playoffs

But if you get him now and he files for an appeal within the next 24 you could have a steal on your hands.

I would do that. Ajayi has done NOTHING this year and probably won’t do anything spectacular (he has ZERO td’s) and D Thomas is not reliable with his inconsistent QB. I believe Zeke will file his appeal which means he could be playing with no missed time. Even if he serves the full 6 games, with you record, he is back for your playoffs. Do it - you won’t miss those 2 players

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DO it and have back up for the last 2 weeks of the playoff schedule with a pissed off, hungry ZEKE

As it stands now, I hope you didn’t make that trade…

Haha Nope! Didn’t do it

The real question is do you play in a 4 team league?

No, it’s 10 team. I had a few great sell high candidates from the draft and a few big waiver pickups that I managed to package with another player as an upgrade. I only have 2 players still on my team that I drafted.