Just been offered a trade

Kenyan Drake and Randall Cobb for my Phil Lindsay. I’d rather have an empty roster spot than Cobb given his injury, but I really like Drake. I think he could be an RB1 if Miami used him properly - a bit like the Aaron Jones situation.

I’m intending to reject it but was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts.

can you counter with someone else that you rather have?

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Hence the word ‘if properly used.’ I am a huge Miami fan and I really do not know how they are utilizing him. Just upsetting.

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He has a couple of guys I’d want, but they are key pieces for him so can’t see him ditching any for Lindsay.

I have the following:


Aaron Jones, Cook, Lindsay, Barkley, Chubb

Julio, Antonio, Gordon, Baldwin


To be honest I’m hoping for a championship tilt (although I’m unbelievably 5-5) with that side so I’m just going to keep Lindsay as a back up rather than gambling on Drake getting an opportunity.

Cobb has no value, so it’s drake for Lindsay. I’d rather Lindsay.

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