Just bit my lip and accept it? Trade Deadline

Trade deadline was a half hour ago and I’m pretty much the only one that trades in this league so people need a lot of convincing and time to make a trade… I succeeded in trading Golladay for Lindsay but then failed in trading Gus Edwards + Josh Gordon for Keenan Allen or Juju and also failed in Gus Edwards + Josh Gordon for Hopkins to a guy with horrible RBs and 3 top 7 WRs. Now my WR depth is pretty bad with Fitzgerald, Ellington, Tre’Quan Smith, Anthony Miller the only wavier prospects.

Should I just bit my lip and roll with my success and failures or try to convince the Golladay/Lindsay trade partner out of it? I’m the commissioner and it is an uphold/veto by commissioner league.

12 team, PPR, locked up a playoff bye next week

Before any trading
QB: Rivers
RBs: Hunt, Gordon, Ekeler, Jones, Edwards, Ware
WRS: Hill, Cooks, Golladay, Gordon
TE: Ertz
DST: Redskins, Chiefs
Kicker: who really cares?

You’re fine, all that happened in that trade was shifting depth/flex in your case

You definitely can’t veto your own trade because you don’t like it anymore, huge abuse of power. If the other owner starts questioning things, then maybe feed that fire but you can’t back out after accepting it imo. You’re still great at the WR position and now being able to flex Lindsay is wonderful.

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first thing that i thought reading the post lol

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HA! I had no plans of vetoing without his buy in.

The only thing that concerns me of my WR depth is IF everything goes the Chiefs way, they play Sunday night football week 16 and COULD potentially have a first round bye w/ home field throughout by Sunday night and sit Hill and Hunt after a couple series. Chargers/Steelers, Steelers/Saints, Steelers/Patriots are all games that still happen before Championship Week 16.

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