Just Clinched the #1 seed

Just clinched not only a playoff bye but also the number 1 seed as the 2 & 3 seeds in my league both lost after the MNF game, putting me a full game ahead and holding the tie breaker :muscle:


Congrats. Got my #1 as well with 10-2 record in a 3 point win.

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Congrats on your impressive record

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Thanks, I honestly don’t know how I did it but it seemed like most weeks I thought I was going to lose someone came up huge (Mainly Todd Gurley)

It’s awesome having players that can go off any game. You always have a chance with those guys.

Congrats. I could’ve done the same but with Hunt and Woods on a bye I lost by 1.5 thanks to a big 0 from the Jags D/ST

Man, just 1 INT would have done it :confused:

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Just makes me of how fragile my playoff hopes were earlier in the season. Week 6 needed 7 points from Packers DST against 49ers to finally get to .500

They only had 5pts when the 49ers started their last drive, then they got that INT to end the game :sunglasses:

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Lol you were luckier then me

Just noticed my casual league team made the playoffs as well by winning the last game of the season. Started off 5-0 on that team and finished 7-5. Not bad considering I didn’t really pay attention to it compared to my money league.

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Haha not surprised @UpsettiSpaghetti. If I remember correctly, you have one of the best teams I’ve seen in a long time. Go get the ship.

I’m currently in first, clinched a bye last week but not the #1 seed yet. Playing against last place though so I’m feeling good about it. Still know that nothing is guaranteed. I’ve gotten lucky with the points against me (4th least in the league) so I still gotta see it through.

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Yes I have a superteam, I’m hoping my team doesn’t trip on the finish line, all I can do is try to minimize risk. I still play the waiver wire to play keep away as much as possible and stream ahead with DSTs

Yeah, I am 6th in points scored but the lowest points against in the league. The average person is 1,600 to 1,700 against and I am under 1,500.