Just drafted. 4th pick

Full ppr, 12 team league. Howd i do?

Having Taylor fall back around to you was a bit of a coup, but man, your WRs are REALLY anemic, even for a 12 teamer. Kamara and Taylor are both two of the iffier early round RBs (not to mention CEH being one of the iffier 2nd round RBs–you do love to gamble, don’t you?), so you’ll need a little luck just to maintain that ostensible advantage–and your WRs won’t carry your team if they don’t (although you’ll get a boost if Thomas is back soon).

Tony Jones, Jr. is now the RB2 for the Saints, so you might as well drop Latavius Murray for a WR with upside, like Amon-Ra St. Brown, perhaps?

Like Higbee, good D/ST…


Didn’t know that about Murray, not being the back up. Good lookin out.