Just Drafted! Could use some feedback please!

12 Team PPR- I had the 1st pick

QB: Deshaun Watson, Ryan Tannehill

RB: McCaffery, Miles Sanders, David Johnson, RoJo, Tevin Coleman

WR: D Hopkins, DJ Chark, Gallup, Tyler Boyd, Brandin Cooks

TE: Hayden Hurst

Def: Bears

Kicker: Gonzalez

Don’t hold back hahaha. Thanks guys


Looks like a great team!

How did Miles Sander and Hopkins fall so low???

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Thanks dude! I have no clue! A few guys were actually questioning my 2nd rd pick of Miles Sanders. I laughed at them. I picked Miles Sanders at 1.11 in my other league. And it was insane that I could get D Hop with the very next pick at 3.1.

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Absolutely love the team, very solid depth all around. Only pick i “question” is Gallup, and it’s not that i don’t like him he was incredibly solid last year, just until we see it it’s going to be interesting to see the pecking order in Dallas. Lots of mouths to feed between Cooper, Gallup, Lamb, Zeke, and Jarwin. Also wonder what’s going to become of Cooks this year in Houston, will he be WR2 or 3

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Thanks! Yeah I have been iffy about Gallup as well… but it was the 9th and I figured he was still a decent #2. I picked up Cooks in the 11th believe it or not. There was just too much value there not to grab him

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Honestly what was killing me later in the draft were bye weeks! Week 8 byes were killer. I could have gotten so many better people but too many conflicting byes

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Super balanced all the way around. I can see a path for how this squad makes the playoffs. Looks like you might have had a few players slip and were astute enough to grab them. Well done!