Just drafted full point ppr

Qb. Aaron rodgers (7th rd.)

Rb. Conner, dalvin, d. Montgomery. Ekler. Justin jackson. Malcolm brown. A. Mattison

Wr. Diggs. Cooks. Godwin. Allison. C. Samuel. Djax. Deebo samuel

Te. Darren waller

Def. Phi.
K. Gould.

Any thoughts??? If melvin returns i plan on picking up mike davis. Secure 2 backfields.


Pretty nice team. Personnaly I would’ve drafted J.Jackson or A.Ekeler not both of them.

I know it was my last positional spot. So best available. He is a player i can cut at any time. May cut after week 1 to steam te. 23 tight ends were taken. I took #23 lol

Wtf 23 TEs ? !?

Stupid right…they i think kept doing it to keep them from me lol. Smh…So actually waller was my very last pick. Justin jackson was right before my def.