Just Finished a draft- what do we think of it?

This league has a superflex position, full point PPR, just not sure how it all turned out…

QB - Cam Newton
RB - D. Johnson
RB - D. Freeman
WR - D. Adams
WR - R. Woods
TE - M. Andrews
DEF - Cowboys
K - Crosby

BN - J.Brissett
BN - D. Henderson
BN - M.Sanders
BN - J.Gordon
BN - DJ. Moore

Your imput would be appreciated.

Is this a 6 team league? Lol. You killed it

Looks super solid. Don’t understand why so many people don’t like Adams this year.

I have Adams in all my leagues, loving him this year…Just questioning it with the negative feedback through the sites expectations of my teams outcome.

Is that Duke or David? otherwise my only concern is QB but minus that they’re right you made out pretty good.

David Johnson…I was a little concerned about QB as well, but might look for a trade of some sort as the year progresses and see how Allen and Brisset perform

Im a huge David supporter with little faith in Duke. But yea thats essentially the best thing you can do with quarterback is wait a couple weeks cause if Cams healthy I don’t see you having an issue. Hell Brisset might be a God so Im rooting for ya there.