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Just Finished Draft - Let me know what you think!


12 team .5ppr, .1pt per yard, .04 per yard thrown. I had the 11th pick.
1(11). Rob Gronkowski TE - I was looking around at who was available, and said to myself why not. Edelman is injured. RB’s are always a committee in NE, and Brady loves him. Hopefully they limit some snaps here and there to keep him healthy. This move was a very unorthodox one for me.
2(14). Jordan Howard RB - Ajayi and Murray were available, along with some others. But I feel like he performed so well last season and has a complete lock on the starting job. Great schedule this year too.
3(35). Kareem Hunt RB - I was very surprised he fell this far considering the recent news. Couldn’t pass up having two lock down starters at RB.
4(38). Michael Crabtree WR - Another player I was surprised to see slip down. WR1 last year, and I believe he can do it again. Im leery of the running back situation there. I think Cooper and Crabtree are locked in for solid numbers.
5(59). Derek Carr QB - There was a run on QB’s, and everytime I try streaming I fail miserably. I also love teaming up QB/WR combos. I think this is a solid duo.
6(62). Robert Kelley RB - I had to choose between players like Woodhead, CJ Anderson, and Mark Ingram here. Kelley does not have the best upside, but he is on a good offense, and I snagged his handcuff later on. I kinda froze at this point in the draft. Mixed feelings on this pick, I went for safety over upside.
7(83) Kevin White WR - Needed another wideout here. Im generally good at picking late wideouts in the draft. I saw him in the preseason and liked what I saw. Boom or bust, huge upside, nice schedule.
8(86) - Zach Ertz TE - Gronk is not the healhiest guy in the league. I believe Ertz is set for a breakout year. I saw him as the best player at the time. Good insurance for Gronk, flex depending on week. Maybe trade bait at some point.
9(107) Marvin Jones WR - Needed another receiver, I saw him as having the best upside. If healthy I see him as a WR2.
10(110) Andrew Luck QB - I won a championship with him last season. Already hurt, but if he comes back and plays well he could be amazing trade bait, or if Carr gets hurt again I have the best backup in my league. I did not like any players at that point in the draft who were available, he was the best guy there.
11(131). Kenny Stills WR - Parker is getting hyped like crazy. I’ve had Parker in my lineup before, he is a beast, but he is hurt alot, and people slept SOOOO much on Stills 9td’s last year. I don’t believe in Julius Thomas, there are good run defenses in the division. I think he has a nice solid floor to work with.
12(134). Samaje Perine RB - His ranked spot was coming up and I knew as soon as I got Fat Rob I had to get Perine. One of the two will he the guy, only time will tell.
13(155). Steelers D/ST - There was a run on defenses and the Steelers were ranked low so I scooped them up after the run. TJ Watt looks like the real deal, Joe Haden can only help. Cleveland Week 1.
14(158). John Ross WR - Injured, has potential. Decent stash.
15(179) James Conner RB - Lev Bell heldout, he gets hurt alot, holdout players get hurt alot, Pitt dropped a bunch of backs leaving Conner as a clear backup. Going to stash him and see what happens.
16(182) Younghoe Koo K - I heard him discussed on the show and just picked him. Good offense, should have plenty of opportunities to score.

QB - Derek Carr
RB - Jordan Howard
RB - Kareem Hunt
WR - Michael Crabtree
WR - Kevin White
TE - Gronk
Flex - Zach Ertz
D/ST - Pittsburgh
K - Koo

Bench: Andrew Luck, Rob Kelley, Samaje Perine, Marvin Jones, Kenny Stills, James Conner, John Ross.


I totally like the level of detail you put walking us on every one of your picks. That said, your team looks pretty good; having Kareem Hunt handy at the third round completely compensated any potential RB you could’ve lost in the first one when picking Gronk, very nice! If I was you, I’d just add a little more depth on the WRs given that White (and the whole pats wide-outs group) can be very volatile. Being a 12 teams league, I guess there are still some decent players up for the grabs. The bench looks pretty good too, having Luck could help you trading Carr if he’s at a hot start (and Luck comes back, obviously), around week 3-4 for a top 20 WR. Excellent draft there!