Just finished my draft and already looking at the waiver wire

Just finished my (3 keeper) draft a few minutes ago and I’m already looking at waivers.

1/2pt PPR
6pt QB TC
RBs: Sony Michel, Kerryon Johnson, Nyheim Hines, D. Freeman
WRs: None I want.
TE: Gesicki, Jarwin, Ebron


  1. Do I need a 2nd TE? If so, who do I drop?
  2. Do I bother looking at Sony or Kerryon?
  3. Any RB lottery tickets I should look for that are NOT on this list?
  4. I don’t need a backup QB, right? Next ones are Ben R., Cousins, Minshew, Tannehil…

Okay, answer what questions you like, but I’m hitting the ground running this year (while trying not to overreact to the draft).

Your team looks pretty stacked to me I’d stand pat just stream your qb and te to cover bye weeks there is enough decent options out there you shouldn’t need to roster backups. Antonio Gibson as your lottery ticket but he’s probably not available at this point

Looks good to me.

Especially in a 10 team league hang tight and see how it goes.

AG got picked right before my turn!!! Was only player in the draft I was mad about. That and Brees was available when I took Stafford, but I’m pretty happy.

What do you think I could offer for AG? Here’s the other teams roster: