Just finished my first even Auction Draft

First of all, so much fun! Was intimidated at first but the cheat sheet from the UDK and the articles on the site helped a lot. Was wondering what you guys thought.

12 team-full ppr-17 roster spots-1 QB-2 RB-2 WR-1 TE-2 W/R/T- 1 DEF/K

Anyone? I’m doing another auction tonight.

Its solid team. Thats alot of Bench spots!! I would conisder dumping either Rob Kelly / Darren Sporles (Sproles more than kelly) for a break out WR. (Keelan Cole, Golladay, Sutonland, etc.) I think your RB depth is good to be able to have 1 more bench WR.

Just my opinion. Also wheres your DST/K spot?

Don’t know why the DEF spot doesn’t show there but I grabbed Carolina. Didn’t draft a kicker. I’ll probably jettison Sproles and Fat Rob for a kicker and another receiver. Thanks for the input!