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Just got a interesting trade offer


Full PPR. Should I take the trade of Fitz for Keenan allen? I have larry.


While I believe Allen will have a nice bounce back season this year I’m not sure if it would be enough for me to give up old Mr. Reliable in Larry Fitzgerald. Keep in mind that last year Larry lead the league in receptions and beat out guys like Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., Jordy Nelson and Mike Evans just to name a few high tier wide receivers. It’s a tough choice though because I have both of these guys around the same area in my rankings but I think Larry has a safer floor than Allen due to injury concerns.


I think we need the context of the rest of your team. In a vacuum I think I would stick pat with Larry, but if you have a solid team around him then I would def take it as Allen’s upside is much higher I think. If he stays healthy, which I don’t think is a huge stretch as last year happens to a lot of players and the lacerated spleen is a freak thing, he will be a lock for 90 catches in that offense I think. Rivers trusts him and Allen has proven, though it’s a smaller sample size, that he can be elite in a full PPR.


Here is My team:

Andy Dalton

Doug Martin
Derek Henry

M. thomas
Marvin Jones
John Brown
Robby Anderson


I actually love my team! I feel very similarly about Keenan and Larry, very similar guys. My main worry is the Age of Fitz…Both have injury history though. Tuff one!