Just got Ekeler... good trade?

Did I make the right choice? Got Ekeler and Edelman for gurley, Chark and Derrel Williams. Full PPR

My RBs now are kamara, Ekeler, Sony, and Coleman.
My WRs are Watkins, Lockett, Edelman and Dorsett

Unfortunately, you just got a bit hosed because (breaking news) Melvin Gordon is ending his holdout tomorrow.

Although, if they keep playing Gurley the way they have been (nothing in the passing game or red zone) then Ekeler, even as a change of pace to Gordon, is still roughly as valuable.

You’ll be fine. The trade is still ok, not the end of the world because Edeman is a PPR powerhouse. The only way this turns really bad is if Darrell Williams somehow emerges as the stud back in Reid’s offense with Damien and Shady all banged up.