Just Got McKinnon Off Waivers, Should I still target a RB in Trade?

I’m loaded at WR, struggling at RB, and just spent 40% of my FAAB to get McKinnon off of waivers. Oh, I’m also 1-4 due to some bad matchups (I have the most points scored against me). Do yall think I still need help at RB bad enough to go out and target a RB2 type of talent? If so, suggestions would be great. The owner of Fournette and Gordon (he has both) has been unwilling to trade either.

League format is pretty WR heavy so that’s why I’m wondering if I’m okay now.

Bump for thoughts?

I would still target a rb2 since you have so much wr depth. Trade d. Thomas or diggs. Mccoy is great and lynch has been ok but an upgrade.especially with your depth is the way to go in my opinion. I would target m. Ingram for sure.

I agree. I think I still need help at RB. What do you think about Thomas for Ingram straight up or Diggs (plus maybe Lynch) for Doug Martin?

I just got offered Ingram for Allen. What are y’all’s thoughts?

I like that but I feel more confident in Alvin Kamara than Ingram. I think you can get him for Allen.

I like that for you. You still have hilton and diggs as go to wr. I think it works

I definitely have more confidence in Kamara too… I can put out an offer to his owner and take Ingram if it gets turned down.

I also like that the Saints are past their bye.