Just got offered Barkley

I just got offered Barkley and Juju for either D. Cook or A. Kamara + T. Williams

The thought of having Kamara and Barkley is really interesting but Barkley is hurt and juju isn’t looking that good. Can D. Cook keep up the production of a top 3 guy?

Home league, 8man PPR. My team very good, probably the best in the league.

no hesitation here…reject this and keep you current squad


Same, last report I saw a couple of hours ago said he may not be back until after the bye. Long time to be without a top guy when you could be having Cook or Kamara play instead.

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I agree, the only thing is that I’ll make playoffs, so having Kamara, Barkley and juju would be very nice

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It looks like you’re a good deal deeper at WR than you are at RB though, so it doesn’t seem like you really need Juju. Then it comes down to, since you can’t play Barkley for a while, do you trust Mack or Carson or Singletary to do well enough in his place in the meantime?

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