Just got offered big trade, help?

Standard league. My team currently:
Stafford, Roethlisberger (1 starter)
Hunt, Gurley, Gordon, Anderson, DJ (2 starters, one FLEX)
Jones, Sanders, Crabtree, D Jackson, Amendola (2 starters)
Engram, Reed (1 starter)
Ravens D

Was offered Fournette, Hopkins, and Kelce for Gurley and Crabtree.


I would take it

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Do it! Looks like an awesome get!

I would. You have the depth at RB. And Gurley cannot keep this pace. The Hopkins/Kelce helps upgrade other positions too. Crabtree with EJ Manuel for the next few weeks makes this deal a slam dunk in my opinion


I would absolutely take it.

While Gurley has done great, he’s got an incredibly difficult schedule upcoming. And Fournette is a RB1. Especially with all of your other depth.

Hopkins is a major, major upgrade from Crabtree, given the former’s relationship with Watson and the latter’s lack of Carr for the foreseeable future.

And Kelce is an upgrade no matter what.

Take it.

Yeah I would do it, drop Engram and and then try to trade reed for another upgrade…

I like it… You still get a great RB in return and You avoid the hard matchups with gurley … Crabtree is useless with out Carr so Hopkins is a good upgrade… and Kelce is a good TE…

essentially you’re turning Gurley into Fournette and Kelce… and youre turning Crabtree into Hopkins…

I like it