Just got offered David Johnson for Melvin Gordon

I told him I definitely wouldn’t do the trade straight up. I don’t really want to give up Gordon he’s been on fire whereas DJ has been hot garbage. If I could find a way to get them both that would be ideal. I was thinking about packaging K Allen with someone but I don’t know if he would go for it. Any suggestions? I got a bite and I wanna sink this hook in and catch this bad boy.

My team is:
Russell Wilson
Andrew Luck

E. Elliott
M. Gordon
R. Freeman
P. Lindsay
T. Coleman

K. Allen
A. Thielen
A. Robinson

His Team is:
D. Brees
J Goff

D. Johnson
D. Cook
J. Conner
G. Bernard
M. Ingram

M. Thomas
Ty Hilton
B. Cooks
Q Enunwa
D. Baldwin

If you really want Dj then you could but your team is pretty good already i dont think you really gain anything. Unless you can give him like Agholor,coleman,lindsey/freeman trade.

I just traded for Dj and T.j watt for Ap,mccoy,Hyde,and sanders so i was able to upgrade the Rb positon and my def position and he got some bench so it worked for both sides

Hard pass, I’m not trading for DJ at all. I love Gordon anyway and had him higher than most did. I would stand pat


I agree but i do believe that they get something fixed in Arizona to where he is fantasy relevant. Though they will still suck.

He is, but that line isn’t going to get fixed this year at all. Also I don’t think DJ is a huge step up from Gordon this year at all and right now Gordon is far and away better. They are going to start using DJ in the slot more, but we don’t know what that will look like year and Gordon is locked into a great offense and is the workhorse

Yeah Gordon is pretty much off of the table. At best it’s a sideways trade. As it stands it’s a downgrade. I think DJ has huge upside though. I’m pretty deep at WR. That’s why I was thinking k. Allen, but do you think that’s too much for DJ?

I think Gordon is gonna be better this year for sure.

I think you should just keep the team you have and be happy. You know how good your players are and how they are gonna produce. You don’t know that with Dj.

Agreed. I’m gonna stay put.