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Just got offered Julio


He wants Hyde, Diggs and Riddick

The rest of my WRs and RBs are Hunt, Abdullah, Kamara and Gio, OBJ, Jordy, Crabtree.

What would you counter with?


idk, think thats a little high for julio right now, especially now that hes starting his julio stuff aka minor injuries that sideline him for multiple weeks at a time. then again diggs could have probs cause the qb thing nd because of cooks injury, you now have to worry about other defenses and how they will respect the other backs.


Yes I know all of that That’s why I asked what you would counter with?


I like julio but with the team you have i wouldnt even be sweatin the trade unless your just trying to build a team based on name value


diggs is a stud, wouldnt be surprised if he finally emerges in that elite wr tier