Just got offered OBJ, A. Jones, and Enunwa for Hill and Mixon

It’s a .5 ppr, 10 team league. Should I consider it or am I getting screwed?

What does the rest of your team look like?

Kamara, Mixon, Michel, Buck Allen, Hines
Hill, Baldwin, J. Brown, KeKe, Taywan Taylor, Sanu

I thought of countering with Hill, Mixon for OBJ, Landry and A. Jones or Lewis.

His backs are Lewis, Thompson, Jones, and Ekeler.

Pretty even trade in my eyes. It’s very lateral. Just depends on if you believe in OBJ/Aaron Jones. I am 100% all in on them. I think the trade value wise is very even but it probably helps him more than it helps you given how lateral it is.

YOu’re giving up the much better RB in the trade and getting a better receiver and getting some depth

What if I dropped Mixon and offered Michel in his place? I feel like Michel and Gronk kind of cap my upside.

I think you should stay put.

If anything, maybe do Hill for OBJ and Jones.

I think you’re good though.

If you could drop it to Michel, I would definitely take that trade.

I also have a Michel/Gronk stack which limits my upside as well but end of the day, it’s gronk and patriots who score a lot so I am semi okay with it. But if you can get in Aaron Jones in place of Michel, I like that more with OBJ over Hill. I just happen to have both Michel/Jones on my tema.

I don’t think he’ll do it without getting a back in the deal. He’s really struggling at RB and is 1-3.