Just got offered trade

Standard league. I was offered Fournette, Hopkins, and Kelce for Hunt and Crabtree. I love Hunt, like everyone does, but would I be crazy to not take this?

I’m currently sitting at 3-0, my other RB’s are Melvin, Gurley, and CJ, my other WR’s are Sanders, Julio, D Jax, M Lee. My TE situation is shaky with an oft-injured Reed and streamer Engram. Thoughts?

I’m leaning towards rejecting it because Hunt is so good, but Kelce should really help and I think Hopkins can go off eventually given his target share.

If I were to move Hunt I’d want a top tier WR back in return like AB or AJ. I like Fournette but you’d essentially have 4 RBs that you try to juggle each week. I’d be happy having Gordon, Gurley & CJ starting for me each week and having Julio and AB or AJ or even OBJ in that spot. Hunt & Crabtree should be able to get you any 1 of those 3.