Just got offered zek?

I’ve just been offered zek for Le’Veon hell I have pollard do I do this trade ? My other rbs are Damien willams Michel , sanders and ekeler

That’s tough man. I personally wouldn’t do it because if Zeke does hold out, you gave up lev bell for nothing.

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I wouldn’t. 2 reasons: its a straight rb trade and I think Zeke is coming back… but i thought the same thing about Bell last year, so… there is that

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He’s reoffered zek and Westbrook for Allison and bell ? This is such a hard decision as if zek returns he’s my no1 player in fantasy

How do you look at WR?


This is my team I drafted at the 10 spot 12 team full ppr

If you are risk adverse, then No.

If you like risk and you are ok with Zeke being out for 3-4 weeks, then yes.

Looks like you are solid at rb and wr. so you could take a shot

You could try to squeeze for a better offer… sounds like this guy is nervous.

I would have pulled the trigger on the original trade. Second is no brainer to me if you have pollard, ekeler and the rb depth

Yes. All of the yes. Hit accept before they change their mind.

First of all, I think Le’Veon Bell is setup to be a colossal bust. I have gone out of my way to avoid him in all drafts. I’d probably take if he fell to the 4th round, but that will never happen, so I am out of the Lev Bell market. If, however, I were unfortunate enough to find him on my roster, I would be looking to move him for anyone who can fog a mirror. Needless to say, if I had a sucker on the line willing to give me Zeke for that stiff, I would not be able to click the “Accept” button fast enough.

Dump Bell ASAP . . . before the 18 carries for 56 yards stat lines start appearing in the boxscore!