Just had my first auction draft can you rate my team? Full PPR

12 team PPR - 4 points per Td for QB

Qb: Josh Allen
RB1: Melvin Gordon
RB2: Josh Jacobs
Wr1: Michael Thomas
Wr2: Stephon Diggs
Wr3: Calvin Ridley
TE: Austin Hooper (trying to trade for Jordan Reed)
FLEX: Dj Moore

BN: Derrick Henry
BN: Miles Sanders
BN: Keke Coutee
BN: Donte Moncrief
BN: Rashad Penny
BN: Duke Johnson
BN: Kalen Ballage

Looks pretty solid, now just pray that Melvin Gordon signs soon haha. If not, I still think you have decent enough RB depth to make it to week 8.

Thanks man. That’s what I’m thinking too. It was my first auction draft and a lot of people have multiple studs on their teams but 0 bench players that could start. I feel as if I wanted to have a good bench and not freak out if someone goes down.

Can you put prices. It’s hard to rate without knowing cost. I like Ridley and Jacobs. MT, his numbers will go down some. They have improved their receivers and endzone options. I probably would have gone Antonio Brown and used the savings to get a top 3 TE. I do think you are doing the right thing trying to upgrade TE. Very weak with Hooper. Bench looks decent. Overall looks like you have a good scrapper that could sneak in the playoffs.

Don’t trade for Jordan Reed. Take it from a Redskins fan. We call him Mr. Glass. He could break his clavicle with a hard sneeze or straining taking a dump. Our QB situation is a mess too.

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Just work the waiver for a TE. Somebody is going to emerge from out of nowhere, probably a few guys. Lots of up and coming TE’s. Agree on Reed. He can’t stay on the field long enough to even kneel for the anthem.

Thanks guys. I got Jacobs for 15 and Ridley for 15 but you guys think I should try and trade for kerryon? I’ve sent a couple trades already cause I got screwed and ended up with Henry, who I don’t like. The trade would be Henry and Ridley for kerryon. Do you guys think that’s too much?

And yea I know about reed i’m a gator fan so I know all about him :joy:

  1. I like josh allen cheap, but you should have a QB2 to play matchups. He’s not someone to play every week.
  2. I’d avoid melvin. Too much risk for an RB1.
  3. Your bench is amazing! Nice work. I find playing matchups with a deep bench week to week is more fun and I’m more successful.
  4. don’t worry too much about your TE. TE6-12 will average 8pts a game. There’s no room for improvement there. I don’t see a big TE breakout this year, thoughts anyone?

Thanks man!