Just Inherited a Fantasy Team

Got asked to take over for an inactive owner 2-6 Standard. Where do I start? who do I trade? What trades to package?
QB: Matthew Stafford
RB: D. Murray
RB: T. Coleman
WR: Mike Evans
WR: Larry Fitz
TE: Kelce
Flex : Darkwa
Bench: A. Jeffrey, F. Gore, M. Forte, E. Lacy, M. Mack, P. Richardson, R. Smith
I will trade make moves and uodate you all who help it will be our team! So where do I start?

Help Footclan!!

Anyone have an opinion?

To be honest this team is not too bad. If anything I would try and maybe trade A couple bench RBs and Ftiz for a high end WR2 low end WR1. You need a big play guy. Your team has consistency, but not really enough players that can knock out a 20 point game. I would target Tyreek Hill or a player of that caliber

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Well thank you for ypur opinion I will target some boom players

I would build my team around murry Evans and Kelce. Then any others try to package together for a upgrade or whatever you got to do. I think Parker and diggs would be good options to look at as well if you can get it done