Just lost Palmer. Best waiver options = McCown/Keenum/Hoyer

Got offered either Rivers or Stafford for my Will Fuller.

Other WRs: Cooks, Fitz, Sanders, Corey Davis, Marvin Jones.

Do I take one of those QBs and if so, which one? Could also trade for Carr or Ryan

Or do I try to get McCown on waivers and roll with him?

I’m 6-1 right now, so definitely taking playoff weeks (14-16) into consideration.

I’d try to buy low on Matt Ryan - he still has a lot of upsid if they can get on a roll.

Since you’re 6-1, I’d say stream McCown and see if anyone else drops a better QB option (Dalton, Taylor, Big Ben, etc). Rivers has a good matchup this week, but still has a bye.

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