Just made a huge trade but some league mates are pissed. I think it was fair

12 team, 0.5 ppr with superflex

My team:

QB: Deshaun Watson
RB: Chris Carson
RB: Kerryon Johnson
WR: Devante Adams
WR: Julio Jones
TE: OJ Howard
FLEX: Jameis Winston
D: Ravens
Bench: Miles Sanders; Malcolm Brown; David Montgomery; Jameson Crowder; Dede Westbrook; DeMarcus Robinson

I was offered CMAC and Kelce for Devante Adams, Jameis Winston, Kerryon Johnson, DeMarcus Robinson, and Miles Sanders.

I traded away a lot of depth but filled two key holes I needed. All in all, we both felt it was a fair trade and it passed league voting 7-3, but 2 of the 3 that voted No are pissed and raising hell about it, saying I robbed the guy in this trade.

Is it really that lopsided because I just can’t see it…

Hell yeah it was lopsided and you won big time IMHO. As to your league mates, tough titties for them. Unless you colluded with your trade partner it doesn’t matter that the guy you traded with sucks at valuing players properly. If your league mates don’t like that they should help that guy better at fantasy football or kick him out of the league. It’s not your fault he’s #notgood.

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Just to be clear…you were OFFERED this trade? So the person trading with you thinks it is fair for them, right? It hurts your depth at RB, but is definitely an upgrade. You don’t have a QB on your roster now for the Superflex position - who is available on waivers to fill that void? You obviously have some room to maneuver now that you have 3 slots you can fill. Did you get the better of the deal, overall? I would say yes. Would I complain as some of your opponents have done. No. Both parties think it is fair (We don’t have the other person’s roster to see how it helps them), and the majority of your league agrees. If they don’t like it enough to raise cain - they are just jealous. As a league commish, if I saw this trade, I would not even consider halting it.

Yes, he offered it to me

I had to downgrade to Daniel Jones as my QB for my Superflex because Teddy and Case Keenum were the only ones left on the waiver. He was doing good at RB and had both Kelce and Andrews at TE but he was hurting bad at WR.

He offered it to me and he’s a 20 year fantasy football veteran so not like it’s his first year.