Just made a trade. Did I make the right decision?

Just traded Tyreek Hill for Stefon Diggs straight up. Couldnt take Hill’s inconsistency anymore. Full PPR. Tell me I made a good decision. If I made a bad one, feel free to lie to me and tell me that I made a good one anyways.

Well they both have their issues.

I guess I see them as fairly equal. Hill is even and odds. Every other game.

The thing with hill is he never gets hurt and is on more static offense.

Diggs might give you more upside but he is sketchy with injuries. Was last year too. Also will have another QB change to work through as looks like Bridgewater is coming back. Could be good int he long run.

I don’t think it was a bad trade… I don’t think it was a great trade either. IMO

I think it’s a fair trade. Diggs is a safer floor and Hill has huge upside every other week

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Fair points. I wanted Diggs for his floor. And my other starting receivers are AB and Michael Thomas so I have the depth. Also cant imagine Bridgewater replacing a guy with the fourth best QBR in football right now, even if that guy happens to be Keenam.

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