Just made a trade! Did I win?

I just traded away Sony Michele and Calvin Ridley for Zach Ertz and Christian Kirk. It’s 1/2 PPR.

My RBs are now McCaffrey, Devonta Freeman, Damien Williams and Ronald Jones.

My WRs are now Robert Woods, Josh Gordon, John Brown, Michael Gallup and Christian Kirk.

I just picked up Herndon as my TE on waivers but he’s out so now I have Ertz.

Did I win this trade?

it’s too early to say, it could kind of go either way, but in the context of your team i’d say it’ll end up being an upgrade. i’d try to turn some of that wr depth + maybe D. Williams into an elite wr or elite rb

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I think you made out slightly ahead with the Sony-Ertz side I don’t expect much from Sony he’s just looked lackluster in all his games this year even this past one where he put up numbers I wasn’t impressed really. With injuries to the patriots and Rex though he might be used more so it is a little too early I’d agree with Falcones, as for the WR I have no idea lol you probably got the short end there but for Ertz it’s sort of worth it cause of the TE position.

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