Just made a trade; please grade

Traded Mack and J Brown for Juju.

My RBs/WRs:

Barkley, Hunt, KJ, A Jones, Chubb, D Cook
Diggs, Juju, Boyd, Hilton

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Good way to take advantage of your major RB depth. Juju is an upgrade over J. Brown forsure so it was well executed.


Solid. YOu have 3 mid to low WR1s with 2 top 5 RBs and another 3 RB2s with low RB1 upside. I think you’re sitting pretty nicely going into the last half of the season.

Your team was strong before the trade and it’s still strong after. Upgraded at WR and sold high on Mack who probably won’t keep this feverish pace.

Solid A-

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Thanks for the feedback. Another + I just noticed is Juju is past his bye and Mack is on bye this week.

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And J Brown has his bye week next week! Score!

Two weeks production gained. I believe that makes this A+

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A+ woulda been flipping Mack’s skyrocketing value and J. Brown for a Julio or actual top tier WR haha. Don’t get me wrong Juju is great, but he’s still in the 2nd tier (near the top of it regardless). Very difficult to do this but in a perfect situation where someone is WR deep and RB needy, coulda happened. A- is still great though hahaha

Lol I’ll take it. Pretty excited to have him on roster. The other option was Diggs+Mack for Hopkins. I like this trade a bit better because while Juju isn’t Hopkins, I didn’t have to send Diggs. Neither Brown nor Mack were likely to ever start for me.

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