Just need to vent

I feel like this keeps happening like clockwork each week. My opponent for the week has a few boom or bust players or even JAGs and they seem to always find the end zone against me.

I check my scores this morning and sure enough Mike Williams already has a TD on 2 targets and 1 reception.

IMO this is the best team I have ever assembled. In a 12 team full PPR league:

Cumulatively My opponents have scored 1000pts against me through 6 weeks. Please help me manage my tilt.

I feel your frustration. Ive gone up against the QB1 every week this season no joke. Last week I had a good week but my opponent had winston, tyreek, melvin gordon, his dst scored 21 and his kicker scored 20. Ive never seen 176 points put up in standard scoring before.

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The football gods seem to have spared me from his JAGs, I’m up by 17 with Julio and Ito Smith still left to start against his OBJ.

I feel safe(knock on wood), but you never know with fantasy.

I’m in a similar scenario. I have 2nd most points scored, most points against and am 3-4. I’d say don’t worry about it. As long as your team is putting up points and you keep it close, all you need is a couple of those weeks to go your way and you’ll leap in the standings over those guys who are scoring much lower than you but getting lucky.

Your team is epic / solid. Don’t tilt. Stick with it.

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It really does happen to the best of us. Im having troubles like that too.

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