Just offered E. Sanders, and R. Woods, for Hopkins. are you in or out?

First post here in the footclan. I want to judge yall’s reaction’s to this, if it’s accepted (I don’t think it will be). I think I’m getting away with steal here, if it happens. Rams look bad, broncos are 0-4 and there are rumors of Denver trading many sanders… have I given up too much? Lemme here your thoughts footclan! Edit: 3-1 12 teams 5 bench, TWO flex league .5PPR

Man it took me about 5 mins to read your name correctly, very good. Yeah man, I totally support this trade. I don’t think it’s possibke that Hopkins continues his slump and this is likely the last eeek you can buy him.

If you are the Hopkins side then absolutely I do this in a heartbeat. Good luck!

I’d much rather have sanders and woods

Sanders is a great receiver regardless of where he lands. Woods is still on one of the most active passing teams. I think Hhopkins is the bad side of this.