Just purchased the UDK for dynasty

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Just picked up the UDK as I’ve created a work dynasty league but just wondering if anyone knows if there is a section to see where and when is best to draft who or who I should go for in the first round?


There isnt. It just gives you a loose guide to build your team. I used it it combination with the tiers they have and that seemed to work as a loose guide for me.

Using the Dynasty Startup Rankings in the UDK you can extrapolate that Odell Beckham Jr. is their 1.01. That said there are lots of Startup strategies that will dictate who you pick.

Dynasty has been changing over the last two years to include more RBs in the top picks. For several years a WR was consistently the top severak picks in a startup draft.

I would expect the top three picks to be:

Followed by Elliot, DJ, Brown, M Thomas is any order.

Usually Evans, Barkley, Kamara, Julio, K Allen in any order are the next players selected.

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