Just sold Odell! Dear Lord, Did I Make The Right Choice?

I just traded Odell away for Sony and Juju in my 10 team PPR redraft. Feeling pretty dirty about it, especially because the other owner now has a team that includes Kamara, Julio, OBJ, and Thielen. Anyway, please convince me that I made the right move? Had some bad luck so far with draft picks, but this is what I’m looking at currently. I’ll need to clear another roster spot this week to grab a TE (Burton is on a bye), but have offered a few usable trades to the Kerryon/Royce owner (same guy, he said he’s considering these both: I give Fitz/Ekeler for Kerryon, or I give Mike Will/Ekeler for Royce, I would then pick up a TE) Would also love a way to pick Keke Coutee back up, since i had to drop him in order to process this trade.


QB: Mahomes
RB: Sony Michel
RB: Breida
WR: Davante Adams
WR: Juju
TE: (need one this week)
Flex: Ajayi
DEF: Tennessee
K: Justin Tucker
BN: Fournette
BN: Ekeler
BN: Mike Williams
BN: Larry Fitzgerald
BN: Josh Gordon
BN: Trey Burton (on a bye)
BN: Jared Goff

I think you made the right move…
You really needed help at the RB position with Fournette injured…
JuJu has more fantasy points than Odell so far this season, and more targets…
There is a chance this continues for the rest of season…
I have no problems with this trade

I don’t blame yo for making the trade given your RB situation. I wouldn’t have made the trade myself cause I think its selling low on OBJ.

But I myself am a michel truther and love his prospects I also do really like JJS. I think value wise, it’s a fair deal so don’t think you need to feel too bad about it. That’s the sign of a good deal though, when you click accept, you feel 50/50 and sick about it all haha.

I don’t see JuJu being better than what hes been so far though whereas AB will go up.

I made a very similar trade myself where I gave up JJS + Kerryon and a couple other pieces and I got back AB.

If you want to make another move, try to trade one of your QBs…
Both have played great this season so if you can offload one of them for a good RB I would try it

This definitely. I’ve gotten this question a lot on these forums so far. My advice has been to sell Mahomes. Value will never be higher than now and he can probably net you a pretty damn good RB.

Honestly, I bet you could’ve traded Mahomes for Michel and they would’ve said yes.

I think you did. I think JuJu ends with a better season than ODB. And if he doesn’t, Sony should easily cover the difference at a bare minimum if he gets playing time and some leeway to develop, which he will as long as the NE are a winning team, and they have all their pieces back now. I think he started off slow not bc he’s a rookie, but really only bc NE was just playing poorly and Belichick ignores Sony to instead get a win in more traditional, tried and true game plans that don’t look pretty like a feature back make things look, but get the job done for a W.

I don’t think the Pats will look anything like the first 3 games anymore. That was a complete anomaly.