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Just started a dynasty league... need suggestions


I have never been in a dynasty league and I did a little research… Lemme break down what I have so far. PPR, 1 QB, 2 RB’s, 3 WR’s, 1 TE, 2 Flex, 1 kicker, 4 IR slots, 15 bench slots, Instead of a DEF I have it set as 2 DB’s, 2 LB’s, 2 Defensive lineman. The defensive players score points by tackling, sacks, int’s, etc. This league is an auction league. So far there will be $200 to play with at the draft.

How does this sound? What would you add/take away? What cool things happen in your dynasty leagues?


I would take away the kickers in dynasty personally… but then I would take them away in redraft too, so perhaps I’m just a kicker-hater.


It’s fine man. If you want the best advice, ask your league mates what they want in the league.

And yeah, kick the kickers for sure.

Our dynasty league gives an extra pick in the 2nd round to the consolation winner. Essentially its pick 2.13 in the rookie draft.

And if it’s a 10 team league, go 2 QB. So much more fun.


I personally like doing a slow (email) draft for startup dynasty leagues. If I’m going to have these players for many years I like having the extra time to think about each draft pick. But it’s very complicated to do an auction with an email draft so if it were my league I would drop the auction. I’ve never liked auctions anyway.


I would agree, nothing worse than losing to a kicker and nothing less satisfying than winning with a kicker.


It is a 12 team. I like the extra pick idea. thanks


I really dig that idea. I will run it by them. At. the very least I don’t have to worry about everyone showing up to the draft.


You can work it like this;

Blind auction draft.
Nominate a player, everyone sends in one bid, the highest player wins the bid.
Only auction the first 60 players (5 rounds).

The rest of the rounds are snake draft.

If you REALLY want to get intense, do a full blind auction, and those prices are now those players salaries and you can work out a salary cap dynasty system.


Do you have any suggestions on how to do an email auction draft without getting a neutral party involved. If someone in the league is receiving all the bids what stops them getting all the players they want?


Not off the top of my head. Google is your friend, there’s probably a fantasy football services site that’ll do it.


Is $200 too little of an amount for a 30 man roster for the draft? How much is good for an dynasty auction draft?


Yeah. If you’re auctioning off 360 players and say an average of 15 dollars a player, teams will need like 5400 dollars.

Go 10,000 and you’ll likely never have bid ties.