Just thank you

Well, I was short in my work league coming in third place but got the back to back championship in my family league. Should be fun hosting Christmas Eve tonight at my house.

A big thank you to the footballers obviously and this community.

Special shout outs to my dude @James89. You’ll destroy yet again next year.

Dan, @Sith_Are_People_Too for putting in that work week after week and guiding us. So incredibly appreciated. Followed you on Twitter too. Looking forward to any content you put out. And congrats on the title.

@fun4willis thanks for the player breakdowns and all that knowledge you share.

@moneyshot for being so cool and helping everyone out.

Just thanks to everyone on this forum for being awesome- have a fantastic holiday and a prosperous new year!


Thanks @Marencophoto! Appreciate all your advice and support for the Foot Clan through the year. And congrats on the family league title! Already looking forward to next year!

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Appreciate it @Marencophoto

This is a pretty sweet community on the FF forum. One of favourite parts about the fantasy season is interacting with people like yourself on here.

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@Marencophoto thank you for all the good advice throughout the season. I ended up in 2nd place this year in my friends league. If Zimmer would have actually played Boone in the second half I would have had a chance…lost by 7pts :crazy_face:

Good thing is now I can watch my niners and not be stressed about my fantasy team lolol.

Happy Holidays everyone :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree: … see you all next year!

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