Just Traded Boyd for AB

I think I am pretty happy with my timing. Just traded away Boyd from a bad team to get AB. I expect him to be suspended 1 game and then return next week.

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Rapapport just reported he might not even get suspended and might even suit up Monday night.

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I think the trade makes sense and if it works out you look like a genius. But Oakland is an absolute clown show so who knows what will happen this week or the rest of the year. He would be a nice guy to have sitting on your bench if he does play though.

It’s a dice roll for sure. I lost all faith in Gruden when he said Amari was the man. Flashed him for a game then shut him down to trade. Then he goes and gets another WR when there was nothing wrong with Amari.

Carr probably gets benched. The team has no stability. I probably would have kept Boyd. He’s going to be a nice rock. Won’t put up AB numbers but he can anchor a WR2 all day.

Welp Rapapport is right again.

good thing I didn’t take all these low ball offers that came my way yesterday. Phew