Just traded for Barkley.. Should I try and move OBJ now?

.5 ppr, 10 team league.

I traded Zeke and Kittle for Saquon.

My lineup looks like this now.

Barkley, Kamara, Cook, Murray
OBJ, Keenan, Landry, Sutton, Jones Jr.

Should I try to move OBJ and something for another receiver so I don’t have the two Giants?

Good trade. And yes. I’m trying to give obj and a piece to upgrade. Just to get out of obj situation. It’s easy to say “can’t be worse than Eli” but what if Lauletta goes full Nathan peterman?

It could be a shrewd move to get away from the stack. I’d certainly take a 1:1 for an equivalent WR if you can find it

Try and talk to the MT owner, odds are he’s thinking of moving him.

Right now my plan was trying to get Davante for OBJ or maybe Davante and OJ Howard for OBJ and Doyle.

What do you all think of that? Do you think OJ or Doyle is better RoS?

As for Thomas, I am pretty sure I can’t get him unless I were to offer OBJ and a piece. The owner loves him.