Just traded for Bell

Gave up McCaffrey, Watkins, and Mike Williams. I feel good about it but also kinda feel like I may have pushed away too many pieces.

D. Lewis
Lat Murray
James Connor


That’s what I have after the trade

This is the cheapest you’ll get Bell this season, and you locked up Conner- this could be a huge payoff for you. Your WRs are deep enough where you can definitely absorb the loss of Watkins/Williams.

Admittedly I’m a huge CMC fanboy, especially in PPR, but the Zeke/Bell combo will be dirty once this all gets ironed out.

Something to chew on/keep an eye on- Mike Gillislee if he’s on waivers. You could potentially get Ingram production for 4 weeks if this Bell thing takes some time and Conner isn’t as effective as one would like and he seizes his opportunty in NO.


That’s a solid idea. I hated giving up CMC, but Bell! After watching the preseason I liked Boston Scott, but Gillislee could be a sneaky snart

I have Boston Scott in a dynasty and I think he’ll have a functional role, but after hearing Gilly is the number 2 on the depth chart, he got up to speed in a matter of weeks, the saints can support two rbs- I think he may be the better play for goal line production. They don’t want to overwork AK, so I think at the least he could be a flex play for the first two weeks.

I’m new to these boards and the podcast in general so I haven’t listened to may episodes yet but I did hear yesterday that the one dude was pumping up Gilly as well- he had some interesting points to make on the situation which made me look into it a bit further. It could be nothing, but depending how your waivers look it good be a sneaky stream.

I got Gurley, Gordon, and Cook in my 8 team PPR draft and I was thinking of trying to use my RB depth to get Bell.

Current team is

Running backs:

Wide receivers.
Tyreek Hill
Doug Baldwin
Marvin Jones
Emmanuel sanders
Devin Funchess

The other alternative would be to target Brown cuz I’m not stoked about my receivers. The Brown owner doesn’t really know fantasy or football well, so I might be able to steal him for cheap with Cook and a receiver.


You would have to use Cook and probably Baldwin or Hill

That would be fine with me for the upgrade to brown. Would you rather have Brown/Hill or Brown/Baldwin?

You locked up Zeke & Bell. That’s a solid haul. There’s no guarantee Watkins is reliable week to week & Williams is lottery ticket right now. I like McCaffrey this season, but realistically Bell is an upgrade. I would just look for a WR piece on the waiver wire to help your depth. I still like Baldwin, but if he winds up not being healthy that could be scary.

Yeah locking up both of them was a difficult task haha. Thankfully the Bell owner was scared and I took Williams and Watkins right before it was his turn to draft and knew he wanted them.