Just traded JuJu and Josh Gordon for AB at the deadline

Gave up JuJu and Josh for AB. Was gonna be hard for Gordon to crack the starting lineup at wr with OBJ, JuJu and Tyreek so I doubled up a got AB. As soon as Kupp went down I knew the AB owner would be interested in talking. His depth after AB was pretty slim with Sheppard and Ridley as his top options. JuJu and AB aren’t that far apart this year so ifanything this just streamlines my decision making at wr. He tried to get me to include Chubb with him sending Deion Lewis but I said no way, Chubb has Cincy week 16 (our final). Is this a move the footclan supports?

Post trade deadline roster.


Love the trade. Got enough chiefs there?

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How many people are in this league, like 3 others? Man that team is nice.

Just the right amount I think hahaha. That quad stack can go from 0-80 really quick. I’ll also pay a heavy price if that unit puts up a dud. So far so good though and I dont see them slowing down. My only concern is them locking up home field and a 1st rd bye too soon. I’m a Rams fan this week hoping for a super close 100 pt game.

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I also got a sweet trade right at the deadline in my league today as well.

Josh Gordon, Phillip Lindsey, and Tyler Lockette for Kareem Hunt

12 team full PPR (i’m 7-3 as of now)

QB: Newton
RB: Hunt, Michel, Dion Lewis, Drake
WR: Hopkins, OBJ, Sutton, Anthony Miller
TE: Cook, Reed
D: Ravens, Pats

Going to have 2 spots open once the trade processes, will probably pick up a QB (gunning for lamar jackson if he’ll be available) and take a flier on some RB or WR, maybe Josh Adams or Curtis Samuel

Pretty excited about playoffs!

Haha it’s only an 8 man league but we’ve been playing together for over 10 yrs. I drafted the core and traded a bunch. In week 5 I traded Gronk, Edelman and Saquon for Kelce, Hunt and OBJ. Dude is a total Gnats homer and was soooo sad when I drafted Saquon Ahead of him. It was still hard to trade Barkley though even with that haul, dude is insanely good.

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You also gotta deal with that late season stretch where Reid tries to outsmart himself and then own his own team. Luckily, Mahomes is no smith so he might just overcome the walruses idiotic moves anyways.

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Nice squad. Securing an early playoff spot is always a good feeling. I almost had to claw til the end but had a lucky break last week. Is Dak available in your league? I like Josh Adams. It’s so obvious that the Eagles need to both be more creative with play calling (you can’t run the same look on every play) and more equal with the pass/run balance. Josh can run it up the gut and has enough burst to get outside, he needs more touches as evidence by his nearly 7ypc. Just have to hope Pederson can find some inspiration. Corey and Smallwood are change of pace backs and have their place but are not every down players or even 1st and 2nd down players. Feed Adam’s the rock.

LOL we are a the time of year he tanks the whole Chiefs offense and then they rally and skate into the playoffs… He’s such a stooge sometimes, like not using Hunt consistently last year after the month of September lol.

Andy reid is one of the best OCs but one of the worst HCs. His game management and decision making skills in situational football is basically non-existent. That’s why I don’t think the chiefs can win a SB.

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As a lifelong Eagles fan, the parallel I’m hoping for is the 2004 season when T.O. was in his first year and the offense was rolling. Big Red didn’t choke until the Superbowl that year, so as long as he follows that script, I should be good to go, hopefully hahaha. I would love to see him win a ring, as I do think for the most part, he’s a really good coach. Time management and an unwillingness to run the football have always been his biggest downfalls. Don’t screw it up Red!

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I hated that game. Deon Branch was wide open every play. Especially because I was in new England when my birds lost…

That game was terrible and totally Reids fault that the Birds lost. I remember before the half the birds had a 1st down in the red zone and Reid called a pass play on first down. It was a wheel route to Westbrook and was nearly picked off in the endzone. I remember being like wtf are you doing Andy you have a 1st down on the 20 and are passing?!??! Run the ffffffing ball, kill some clock, control the time of posession and at the VERY LEAST, kick a field goal before the half. There were offsetting penalties on that play and what does he do but run the exact same play but this time NE gets the pick, classic Reid.

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Don’t discount McNabb’s capacity for making terrible decisions. The only reason he was ever viewed as a decent QB was his scrambling ability early on and the fact that the Eagles defense during his tenure was arguably one of the best squads in NFL history. The defense kept them in close games, forced turnovers, and won games in spite of McNabb’s attempts to lose. He got tons of extra opportunities and it worked out. He was such a tool. How do you not know that a football game can end in a tie?

Oh I remember it all. But #5 will always love you. Don’t forget that hahahaha.