Just Wanted to hear yall's thoughts on some trades

I wanted to say that making saavy trades can pay off. In the last 3 weeks I have done the following to make up for the fact that my WR’s were not that great IMO.

  1. Traded Bilal Powell for Robby Anderson

  2. Almost immediately Moved Robby Anderson and Marshawn Lynch for Carlos Hyde and Marquise Goodwin

  3. To make move 4 work, I had to painfully trade Carlos Hyde for Gio Bernard

  4. Traded Gio Bernard + Sammy Watkins for Bilal Powell + Emmanuel Sanders.

Essentially I moved Marshawn Lynch + Sammy Watkins in order to get to Emmanuel Sanders + Marquise Goodwin

What are yalls thoughts on this??

Difficult to say without seeing your whole team. But Sanders has looked good. So could pan out.

Not sure why you have to swap Hyde for gio… Hyde would have had more value to another league member possibly… But anyways enjoy goodwin and Sanders now you have worked hard to get them!

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I mean if you lacked WR’s and that’s what this was all about, then I think you did just fine and dare I say a good job. You got value out of the worthless, fumbling Robby Anderson. That’s a feat in and of itself.

So my team originally was this:

Mahomes, David Johnson, Jerick McKinnon, Dion Lewis, Marshawn Lynch, Kerryon Johnson, Bilal Powell, Davante Adams, Marvin Jones, Sammy Watkins, Michael Gallup, Mike Williams, Trey Boo Boo, Saints D, and Butker

I now have:
Mahomes, David Johnson, Breida, Dion Lewis, Kerryon Johnson, Ekeler, Bilal Powell, Adams, Sanders, Jones, Goodwin, Williams, Trey Boo Boo, Chicago D, and Dan Bailey

The guy who I traded Gio to went to UNC and likes having those guys on his team/ needed a bigger burst this week.

As of right now I am looking to maybe make 1-2 more moves this season (move Kerryon and Powell maybe for a better RB), but I like my lineup more top to bottom now than at the beginning due to the lower volatility in the WR core and some solid backups on my bench (I think Ekeler will be >> than Lynch by year end and become this years Kamara of sorts, although more of a Mark Ingram than anything else).

But further thoughts and ideas are welcome!