Just when I think

I know a little bit about fantasy football—I DONT !! Unbelievable! Smh

I feel you dude. On paper my team should be unstoppable but then teams have to go and be all unpredictable lol.

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One of the worst and weirdest fantasy football Sundays of my entire life-

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Down 2 points and they pull Brady for hoyer-wow

Damn really

Oh ya 8 and 2 now and got beat by 4 and 5 team-I’m about ready bench Gordon he cost me and pick up there backup-shady screwed me too

Totally unbelievable

My 2 losses were by a total of 6 points

I feel ya man. Shady almost lost it for me too. In his defense though he started strong they just moved to the passing game too soon because the Bills defense couldn’t hold the Saints offense.

I feel ya too… I had both Fournette and Freeman. 6.9 points between them. Duke Johnson was my best RB

Amen. Stubbornly started Charles Clay despite it being his first week back, plus BUF passing attack being non-existent. Started Big Ben over Cousins because of matchups. But most painful… dropping Tevin Coleman to add Joe Mixon. All season held Coleman in the event Freeman gets injured, and the first day after dropping Coleman… Freeman gets a concussion.